CS:GO Basic Economy: To Buy or Not To Buy


One of the most important thing and has big impacts on this game is to understand and know how to control the economy.

What I often see in CS:GO match making at beginner ranks (Silver, Nova, and MG) is people don’t know how to control their economy and their team’s economy. Force buy everytime! The result is a mess, where some have rifles and some have pistols only. They don’t seem to understand that what they’re doing is making the team weaker. Here are some reasons:

  1. Force buy means sometimes the only thing you have is your gun. No kevlar, no helmet, no grenades, which are all extremely important! In some cases this might surprise the enemy, leading to a winning round. But most of the time, fighting without kevlar, helmet and grenades is basically not a good idea, especially at higher ranks. I know some people never use grenades, but if you want to be better, you have to learn.
  2. The second thing is, c’mon, this is a competitive match, not a casual game. You and your teammates will play as a team, not individuals, and thus you will need something called teamwork and learn how to cooperate with others. Buying and saving together will no doubt make the team much stronger. For example: In a round, 3 CTs eco at A site while 2 others force buy at B site. Ts go A site, easily clear the bomb site and go hunting and kill the last 2 CTs. Next round 3 CTs at a buy up and the other 2 eco at B site. This round Ts go B site, easily clear the bomb again. Instead of that, what if they all eco at the first round and buy up at the second round? They would not surely going to win the round, but they would be much stronger at all the sites, as a team.

You don’t need to be an expert in CS:GO economy to know what to do. Screw it! Just basic and easy to remember things will make you better in this game:

  1. Always check your economy and team’s economy by pressing TAB!
  2. If you win pistol round, BUY SOMETHING! You can buy SMGs or Rifles depending on how much money you have. But remember to have money left to buy kevlar and helmet. If your teammates don’t buy nades, buy some.
  3. If you lose pistol round, as a T, if your team did plant the bomb at the first round and you have about 2k5 or more, consider to buy powerful pistols like Deagle or Tec-9 and so on. Otherwise just eco and don’t buy anything. Someone might need to buy flashes or smoke nade. As CTs, just eco.
  4. If you win the third round, BUY SOMETHING! Just remember that your always need money for kevlar, helmet and grenades, so go shopping with that in mind. If you lose this round, as CTs, you all can buy HE grenades only and go all in somewhere. If you are lucky, this will lead to a win. If you are not, you can still buy up next round. If you are a T, you can buy up if the bomb was planted the round before with full kevlar and helmet, a flash or smoke nade. If the bomb wasn’t planted, eco is a better idea.
  5. For the next rounds, just remember this: If you lose, you eco. If you win, you buy up.
  6. Never save if it’s the last round.

Basically, only buy up if you have enough money to buy a gun together with kevlar and helmet. If you don’t, ECO!

That’s it.