CS:GO Skins: Best Places to Buy, Sell, Trade, Get Free Skins, and Avoid Scams


When I first came to CS:GO, I was not really into those fancy weapon skins. Saw them here and there, in game and in conversations between players. I remember some of them even stated: ‘I can’t play without my skins’. My thought was ‘Oh, they are beautiful, but do I really want to buy these virtual game items with my real cash? Probably not’.

I was wrong. Later I realized, the more time I put into the game, the more desire I have to play with custom skins. The first CS:GO skin I bought was an AK-47 | Fuel Injector. About $25 I think. It wasn’t a StatTrak one, and the exterior was just Field-Tested, but enough for me to feel a little bit ‘proud’ when playing. I started to receive compliments not only from my friends but other players I played with. Since then I have spent a lot more money to get more and better skins.

If you just started to look for a place to buy CS:GO skins, you might get lost. So this post might be helpful. Here I will show you a detailed list of all the places & websites, on which I got items for my weapon collections.

If you are new, the first thing I want you to know is: Never buy CS:GO skins on Steam Community Market! Yes. Never buy any items on Steam Community Market unless you want to pay 10% higher price or more (I assume you don’t want). That’s the transaction fee Valve takes to list seller’s items on their marketplace.

Now turning to the main list.

1. CS:GO Skin Databases

Before buying anything, you will want to check its price. The prices for CS:GO items often vary from site to site, and visiting the places listed below will give you an ideal number, on which you should buy, or sell your items for.

CS:GO Stash


This is one of my favorites. Not just it has a simple and easy navigation design, the website is a quick way to check CS:GO skins prices. I often use this site when I want to quickly see how much I would have to pay for the item.

CS:GO Analyst


This is a deep CS:GO skin database. Actually, the majority of traders sell with the prices found on CS:GO Analyst. Plus the website provides useful & convenient tools that you will definitely need in the future when you start to buy CS:GO skins a lot, such as price comparison, float lookup, price list with 7-day average price, and the function I like the most: trade tools. You can easily see what items you can trade for with your current CS:GO inventory.

CS:GO Exchange


This website provides you with the tools to do skin price check or to calculate the value of your collections. This site also has a marketplace where you can sell/buy your items. Using this site as a reference, along with two of the sites above is recommended.

2. Where to Buy & Trade CS:GO Skins

There are a numerous of CS:GO skin stores & places where you can buy with a cheaper price than Steam Community Market. It could be a website or an individual, but most of them often offer a discount of 10% to 30% (sometimes higher). If you are lucky you will probably get good deals and get cheap skins.

G2A & Kinguin

Update 09/16/2018: G2A & Kinguin no longer sell things related to CS:GO.

csgo skin shop

G2A & Kinguin are well known as gaming marketplaces where you can buy/sell cheap games, but recently they expanded to buy/sell popular games’ items as well. I bought some from them a few times. However, the markets were not abundant in items, and prices are not always the best. The payment process was easy & convenient as they provided lots of payment gateways, including PayPal, credit card, wallet, bitcoin, etc.

CS:GO Skins Marketplace

csgo skin marketplace

The two best skins marketplace are, in my opinion, Opskins & Bitskins. They both have huge user bases and because of that, you will most likely find almost any items you want (except some high tier items). But what makes them so good is the competition. There’s always competition between sellers, those who crave to sell fast. In order to beat other sellers they have to cut the prices, and it’s good for us, the buyers. Both offer various purchase options, including Paypal, G2A, Bitcoin, Skirll…

You can also become a seller yourself on these websites. The items can be sold faster on Opskins. However, Bitskins has a fee of only 5% whereas it’s 10% on Opskins.

Case Opening Websites

csgo case opening website

Actually, these websites will not directly sell the skins for you. They sell CS:GO opening cases guaranteed to have better drop rates than Valve’s. Popular and legit websites such as Hellcase, DrakeMoon or Farmskins are where you can try your luck. If you are lucky, it’s like buying items at cheap prices. One of my friends did try and got an M4 Asiimov for $3 while I spent $20 on an AWP Safari Mesh.

Plus they have Daily Bonus, an event which they give you the chance to open a case for free CS:GO skins, random drops. You can then withdraw the items to use or sell them on other websites. Profit!

Trade Your Skins for Other Items

csgo skin trade bot

Some CS:GO skin trading websites allow you to trade your skins with other skins in their inventories. For example, if your inventory is worth $500, you can then trade for whatever you see on their websites for that amount. You lose  List of popular sites to trade includes Skinsjar, CS.Money, and the like.

Individual Sellers

cs go skin trade site

You can find a lot of these individual sellers on forums, facebook groups, Reddit,… If you don’t hesitate to read a bunch of messy titles and words, more than often you will find skins at even cheaper prices than those places listed above.

However, be aware of scammers. As you buy from a person, not a company, so be careful! Only buy from those who have high reputations and use tools like SteamRep or Steam Community SteamRep Integration to support you.

3. How to Get Free CS:GO Skins

There are numerous ways for you to earn CS:GO Skins for free. The first method has been discussed above. You simply go to Farmskins or Hellcase, sign in with your Steam account, put their URLs on your nickname and try your luck. Both websites allow one roll per day, and the tip here is to use all your steam accounts, or even create new accounts, so you have a few more rolls. The items can be withdrawn and sell on other websites for higher prices. Imagine you do this every day and get like, for example, a mere of $1/day, so in a month you will make a total of $30. Not bad for only 5 mins of working every 24 hours.

Another way is to follow the professional players’ Twitch channels. They run giveaways very often and if you are, and must be, very lucky, you can get extremely high-quality guns and knives. The chances are unsurprisingly small because you have to beat thousands of people. However, all you need to do is to follow their Twitch channels, turn the notification on, watch their streams and comment your numbers whenever you see giveaways. Simple as that.

You can also participate in third-party platform like FACEIT. They give points to players as rewards for playing competitions, and later you can redeem those points into CS:GO skins & prizes.

The last method I can think of is this website: Tremorgames. Basically, you register an account, play some mini games on their platform and earn Tremor coins. Later exchange these coins for weapon skins.

4. Scam Websites & Places

csgo scam website list

I want to warn you so you can avoid these scam websites & individuals. I will update this list frequently, whenever I catch any scammer. If you want to let me know your cases you can also message so I can put them into the list. Some tips to avoid being scammed are:

  • Check the website carefully. Check their links, their policy, their support, basically check everything. Scam websites are often built to scam only, so they rarely spend time on writing terms of service and things like that. Their websites are also full of errors. For example a website where I got scammed myself had live support function, but when I click on it, the button did nothing. So sites with signals like this would likely to scam your items. Beware.
  • Never go first if you sell something for another individual. Try to avoid using Paypal as much as you can in these situations.
  • For more advice on avoiding scams, read here and here.

The list:

  • Csgoeasy.money: This is where I got scammed. I did have noticed something wrong. The links were broken, my feedback was only available for me, others can’t see. And if you do a google search with domain as the keyword you will find almost nothing. They are not popular like what they say. However I was in need money and eventually went for it. I decided to sell some of my skins to this website (worth $118.56). I never get paid.
  • Csgo.cash: This looks identical to the above website. Get rid of this clone.