Gear: Mouse for CS:GO: From Microsoft IE 3.0 to Zowie EC1-A


I had been using Microsoft IE 3.0 since I started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2007. Microsoft IE 3.0 was the best mouse (IMO) I could find at that time. It was big (my hand size is about 19.5cm), comfortable to use in the game, had a flawless optical sensor, and all of that at a great price. The only thing I hate was the built quality but overall IE 3.0 was a good mouse for FPS games. This mouse, in combination with Razer Mantis Control pad, was my main weapon for 5 years until I stopped playing CS. Such a great combo.

Microsoft IE 3.0 - The Legend Mouse
Microsoft IE 3.0 – The Legend Mouse

I must say that IE 3.0 was really good for FPS games but for me, it was not an ideal mouse for daily tasks like browsing web or editing photos. Way too heavy. So I changed to Deathadder 2013 after my IE 3.0 broke because some of my teammates were using Deathadder 2013 and they recommended me to try it. However, I didn’t go well with it because of the shape, and the scroll wheel broke like after 2 months of using. I decided to never buy Razer products since then (although Razer Mantis Control is a great pad lol).

Then I started playing CS again, this time CSGO. I felt like I needed a replacement and a new mouse pad to become a headshot machine again lol. Although I thought IE 3.0 was still good, I didn’t want to go with it anymore. I wanted something more modern, something that had new technology. After days of searching and reading mouse reviews on Reddit and some well-known forums, I knew that I wanted a Zowie mouse, and then I bought a Zowie FK2 with a Zowie mousepad, Zowie G-SR. But it turned out that Zowie FK2 was too small, too light for my hand. I always had trouble controlling the crosshair, especially when spraying since the mouse lifted off and lost track of movements all the time. It was really annoying. Zowie FK2 is a good mouse, but it is not for me.

So I did a few more researches and end up buying another Zowie mouse, Zowie EC1-A. One of the best decisions I have made. This mouse has the same shape and comfort like IE 3.0 while having the latest technology: a great sensor Avago 3310, zero acceleration or negative acceleration, no skipping pixel or auto correction, plug and play (goodbye annoying mouse software, yay!), great switches, high-quality build, and the weight is just enough, not too heavy, not too light.

An older version EC1-A (same size as mine) next to IE 3.0
An older version EC1-A (same size as mine) next to IE 3.0

Got in a game with a couple of matches and I was so happy that I can make consistent sprays, no more lift off by accident, and better aim. This is the mouse I always wish I have. The only one downside is the LED of the scroll wheel, it cannot be turned off, and sometimes I just hate to see the red light of the mouse (I play at 400 DPI) when I’m focusing in the game.

If you are like me, like the shape and comfort of IE 3.0, want higher technology and can’t stand the shit mouse software from Razer, buy a Zowie EC1-A (or EC2-A if you have a small hand).


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