Gaming Gear: Zowie G-SR – Mouse Pad Review From a CS:GO Player


I have recently changed my Zowie G-SR mouse pad (BenQ black version) to a Razer Goliathus Control, and I decided to put a review of this Zowie mouse pad here, to show you what it really is after months of use, not a typical gaming gear review that you can find out there about unboxing or testing it a few times. Please note that this is a review from a CS:GO (FPS) player, so it may not be true if you are playing other types of game genres.

It might also not be true if your playing style is different to me, so I want to note something down about my playing style that can affect this review:

  • I mainly use my wrist to move the mouse, not my arm. This means, in order to play effectively and to feel comfortable, I need a smooth mouse pad that enables me to move my mouse easily without giving too much effort. In FPS games especially in CS:GO, I often have to make micro changes like aiming to the heads, and I can’t do that if the pad has to much “stickiness”. In other words, it must be a low friction pad.
  • My grip is a hybrid type of grip.
  • My in-game sensitivity (CS:GO) is quite high – 1.425 at 800 dpi (equal 2.85 at 400 dpi).
  • Which mouse I have used with this pad? IE 3.0, Zowie FK2, Zowie EC1-A, Zowie ZA11, Zowie EC2-A, Rival 300, and Razer Deathadder. I’m currently using Zowie EC2-A.
  • I use a mouse bungee (Zowie Camade), hence my movements are not affected by the mouse cord.
  • How long have I used this Zowie G-SR pad? About 5 months.
  • Mine is the Zowie G-SR Ver 2 (Black version).

Okay, review time.

The Product

This is what Zowie Gear puts on their website:

Cloth mousepad designed for those that prefer the control of cloth and the comfort of rubber bases. The SR series does not sacrifice stability for comfort. The rubber base in SR is soft and 100% flat to ensure the same performance across the mousepad and in any kind of surface.

Yes, Zowie G-SR is a large cloth rubber base mouse pad, with the size is as advertised 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm / 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch. I don’t know if this measurements is true but Zowie G-SR is actually a very large mouse pad, and even if you’re a low sensitivity gamer, this pad gives you enough space to do anything you want in game. I bought this mat for $37 at a local store, and you can find it on Amazon or Zowie BenQ’s website for $30.

Large Version Razer Goliathus Control on top of the Zowie G-SR with an EC2-A.
Here you can see I put a Large Version Razer Goliathus Control on top of the Zowie G-SR with an EC2-A.


This mouse pad looks fantastic. All black everything. It just gives me a feel of a high quality product when I look at it. The stitching is nice and comfortable, stitched edges are not annoying and don’t even bother my arm like some other mats. After months of use, the pad couldn’t keep the same color, but overall when it comes to the look, there is not much difference between a brand new Zowie G-SR and my old one.

Texture & Performance

Zowie G-SR surface after months of using. Zowie G-SR surface after months of using. Zowie G-SR surface after months of using.

Above is the surface of the pad after 5 months use.

You may already noticed that a lot of professional CS:GO players are using this mouse pad. There is only one reason, it is a great mouse pad. Zowie G-SR really provides an excellent quality and performance. The glide is really smooth and seems to be very even everywhere on the mat (thanks to it’s great rubber base). Despite it’s smoothness you still have control on your movements at them same time. And from what I remember, the static friction was very low when I first unboxed it.

However, you get all that if it is a new one.

What I don’t like about this pad is it gets worn out fast. I don’t know why people keep talking about the consistency of this mouse pad. Maybe I was not lucky, but I started to feel the stickiness of this pad like after one and a half month or so. I followed the guide on Zowie’s website on how to clean a Zowie G-SR, but even after cleaning, the stickiness didn’t went away. I have tried this pad with all the mouse listed above, all gave the same feeling. Another minus was the super high static friction. It required a lot of effort to move the mouse and was so much harder to make small adjustments.

The pad still looks the same, but the coating is the thing which gets worn out fast imo. Then I bought a new Razer Goliathus Control as you see above and now it is so much better. Hope it won’t get worn our as fast as the Zowie G-SR. I had a Razer Mantis Control (first version of the Razer Control mats) before (for 3 years), and imo it was more durable than my Zowie G-SR.

Does this pad moves?

Yes, but very little. You will only notice that mouse pad movement when you look at it.


Do I recommend this mouse pad? Yes and No.

Zowie G-SR is a great mouse pad, but gets worn out fast. Pros are using it because they are sponsored and they can change their mouse pad whenever they want. However, with that price, not all of us are able to buy a new one every few months. If you have that kind of budget, you should definitely try it. If you don’t, my advice is to look for another pad that have similar quality. The G-SR is not as great as what you read on the Internet.