Get Better at CS:GO – Holding Sites Scripts to Practice For All Maps


CSGO Practice Holding Sites

This is the new version of this holding sites scripts. Great work from r/salahzas. If you want to practice and to be better at holding sites in CS:GO so these scripts are for you. Download it here & follow the instructions below or watch this clip:

  • After downloading them put them in steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg.
  • Start a casual mode game with bots in the map you want to practice at.
  • Add the number of bots you want to practice against by writing bot_add_t in the console ( if you wanna practice against 5 bots as an example write it 5 times ).
  • Write in the console exec (bombsite you wanna practice at)_map.cfg example : exec a_inferno.cfg and you are ready to go.
  • You spawn at a site and bots rush you,in this new version F9 will restart the last situation, spot,gun for you,and f10 will do the same thing but bots with knifes only, left alt and right ctrl teleport you with the bots to the next spot , or the previous spot.

In this new version you have:

  • The ability to choose spawns ( different spawns for one site ).
  • More weapons available .
  • The ability to simulate more then the gun-round ( pistol round,force buy round )
  • The ability to choose your own spot.

Some aliases you need to know :

  • All : will give you all the bot spawn’s available in current location ( almost 6 bots in every location with some expectation )
  • Notall : will give you only 5 bots for every location you play.
  • Nade : will give you all the nades

Try this, you will like it!