Glorious XL Heavy Gaming Mouse Mat Review from a CS:GO Player


Yesterday I bought a new mouse mat, theĀ Glorious XL Heavy Gaming (Amazon link) to replace my old Razer Goliathus Control. At first I was thinking to get a same new one from Razer. However after reading some reviews I decided to try another brand which is Glorious!

Overall, the Glorious XL Heavy has not made me disappointed. I will get into more details later in this review. First let me re-copy/paste my playing style description here šŸ˜› (I do this for all of my reviews!).

What you are going to read here might not be true if your playing style is different to me. Thus I want to note something down about my playing style that can affect my opinions:

  • I mainly use my wrist to move the mouse, not my arm.Ā This means, in order to play effectively and to feel comfortable, I need a smooth mouse pad that enables me to move my mouse easily without giving too much effort. In FPS games especially in CS:GO, IĀ often have to make micro changes like aiming to the heads, and I canā€™t do that if the pad has to much ā€œstickinessā€. In other words, it must be a low friction pad.
  • My grip is a hybrid type of grip.
  • My in-game sensitivity (CS:GO) is quite high ā€“ 1.425 at 800 dpi (equal 2.85 at 400 dpi).
  • Which mouse I have used with this pad?Ā IE 3.0, Zowie FK2,Ā Zowie EC1-A, Zowie ZA11, Zowie EC2-A, Rival 300, and Razer Deathadder. Iā€™m currently usingĀ Zowie EC2-A.
  • I use a mouse bungee (Zowie Camade), hence my movements are not affected by the mouse cord.

Okay, review time.

The Product

A Razer Deathadder on top of the Glorious XL Heavy
A Razer Deathadder on top of the Glorious XL Heavy

Here is how Glorious describe this mouse mat on their website:

The perfect size for the competitive gamer. The XL mousepad series, is the ideal choice for the competitive FPS gamer / PC gamer providing huge room for your mouse, without taking up all the space on your desk. Our special surface provides a unique blend of speed andĀ control making it ideal for any situation; From nailing headshots in Counter Strike, to landing those skill shots in League of Legends.All our mousepads also feature stitched edges, which prevent them from fraying, greatly increasing their aesthetic and lifespan. Thanks to ourĀ high quality construction, these mousepads are also machine washable.The Glorious XL (G-XL/G-HXL) comes in two sizes, the 2mm or 5mm thick, giving you a choice for a harder or more cushioned surface.

The Glorious XL Heavy is a hugeee (yes, huge) mouse mat, ensuring you have enough room to move your mouse (might not fit you table so you need to measure carefully) . It is a larger mouse pad compared to the Razer Goliathus Control which is already a big one. No need to worry if you have a low sensitivity in FPS game like CS:GO.

Mine is the thicker version, 6mm. The XL version is 3mm but that’s the only difference between them.


The look of the Glorious XL Heavy
The look of the Glorious XL Heavy

Another black mouse mat in my collection. The only thing which is readable on the surface is the white Glorious logo, and nothing else. If you want an eye-catching or more colorful one, this mouse mat is not for you.

Texture & Performance

Glorious XL Heavy Surface

Now talk about the surface of Glorious XL Heavy. I feel like it is similar to the famous Steelseries QCK, if not better. On the official website the manufacturer states that this mouse pad has low friction, but IMO it’s smooth with just a little slicker than some other competitors. Although it’s not as slick as the G-SR which I already has a review here, this type of surface might still degrade mouse feet quickly. About the glide, for me it’s still easy to slide the mouse around after lowering my sensitivity a bit. Kinda a good balance between slick and controlled and might be an ideal mouse mat for low sensitivity players.

Glorious XL Heavy Surface

This is also a thick mouse pad offering me the comfort I need in long game sessions. If you don’t need a thinner mouse pad for some reasons, I recommend you to take the Heavy version as the thicker option would help you a lot when playing on a uneven surface. It kinda creating its own table so you won’t be affected by what is underneath it.

Zowie G-SR and Glorious XL Heavy
Zowie G-SR and Glorious XL Heavy

The pad have stitched edges like most of the pad today so you can be rest assured that the fabric is prevented from fraying or curling up away from the rubber base. Another advantage is this mouse mat is washable! I cannot confirm this yet, but it would be a lot more convenient just throwing my dirty pad in the washing machine and let it air dried. I will come back to edit this review later after trying this feature. Also if Glorious XL Heavy can survive a machine wash, it must be a durable one. Let’s see if it gets worn out fast in a few months.

The surface might attract dust but luckily you can easily wash it away.


Glorious XL Heavy is a insanely good mouse pad for the money, and is a good fit for low sensitivity gamers. A downside is the glide is a bit rough so I think you may need to replace mouse feet more frequently.

I bought this mouse pad for a very reasonable cost of $16.99 plus a free shipping on Amazon (I have Prime). For those who are fans of Steelseries QCK, you will definitely want to try this pad since it offers a similar quality at about half price, and can be a back up pad for the main one.