How To Save Your CS:GO Config Files


CS:GO config back up

If you don’t know, saving your CS:GO config files is the one thing that you should do immediately after changing videos settings, mouse/keyboard settings, game settings and so on. I once forgot to save them and only realize how much tiring it is when I needed to re-install the game.

I kept asking these questions: Is this the same as my last config? Did I forget something? and tried to figure out how did my view model and my crosshair look like. So tired. CS:GO is a game of consistency, and I didn’t want anything to affect my gameplay just because it was not the same????????????. I was kinda obsessed with that.

So to save you from all that hassle, here is what you should do:

  1. Open Steam Library -> Right Click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -> Properties.
  2. Open Local Files tab.
  3. Choose Browse Local Files.
  4. Open ‘csgo’ folder.
  5. Copy ‘cfg’ folder to where you want to back up the files.
  6. Now go to Steam folder -> Open ‘userdata’.
  7. There might be a few other folders named with Steam ID there if you are using multiple Steam accounts. If you use one account only, there will be only one folder. You can find the ID for your main account here. (It is the Steam 3 ID). Then open the folder.
  8. Copy ‘730’ folder to where you want to back up the files.
  9. Done! ????

Now you have done backing up your config files. Next time if you re-install the game, just copy and paste these backup folders then have you all set. Hope it helps!