Make CS:GO run faster with simple Windows 10 tweaks (For Windows 10 users)


Currently I’m playing CS:GO on Windows 10. Overall the operating system is quite good and I don’t really have any complaint about it. However, there’s still a lot of room for technical improvement. By making a few simple tweaks, I was able to improve the game’s performance and the number of fps eventually increased. In this post I’ll show you what I did with Windows 10 and hopefully the tips will be useful for you.

Turn off unnecessary apps & settings

First type ‘Settings’ in the Search bar. Choose ‘Settings’ or press Enter. The Windows settings will show up.

Windows 10 settings

Now click on ‘Privacy’ and navigate to ‘Background apps’. You’ll see a list of the apps running in the background and eating your system’s performance. Stop them by turn them off. See if you can do that for all of them (For example, if you have a third party antivirus running you can turn ‘Windows Defender Security Center’ off, otherwise don’t do that). On my system everything is off.

Windows 10 background apps affect CSGO performance

Next step, type ‘System’ in the Search bar. Open the System window.


Click on ‘Advanced system settings’.


Now open the Performance settings.


Choose ‘Adjust for best performance’ then click OK. Now you’re done. This tweak is extremely helpful for people with low-end pc. You will see significant FPS increase for sure.

Delete XBOX DVR completely

If you don’t have anything to do with this default installed app on Windows 10, just delete it. To be short, the app does affect the performance and removing it will definitely boost CS:GO fps.

To remove XBOX DVR, first type ‘Powershell’ in the Search bar. Right click on ‘Windows PowerShell’ and choose ‘Run as administrator’.

Windows PowerShell

Now enter this command in the console: Get-AppxPackage *xbox* | Remove-AppxPackage

You can copy the command and right click in the console and the command will be pasted automatically. Press Enter then wait for the uninstall process to complete. After that restart your computer. Note that in some cases the system will deliver an error telling you this app can’t not be uninstalled. However after restarting everything is fine and if you have a check, there will be no XBOX DVR left.

Windows PowerShell

Stop Windows 10 from using your network bandwidth unsuspectingly

This might not give you an increase in FPS, but would help your CS:GO game ping. You may or may not know, but Windows 10 uses your computer and your network bandwidth to transfer updates and other things to other users through P2P. Like torrents.

So stop Windows from using your bandwidth without permission!

Download this app and run it (it is recommended by Barnacules Nerdgasm in this video). Safe and simple. Basically it’s an app that was designed to block and stop the various tracking (telemetry) issues present in Windows 10 and thus will block Windows 10’s access to your network.

After downloading, open it and just click on ‘Immunize’. Also switch to ‘Optional’ tab and if you wish you can apply new settings for all the options listed. The app will do everything for you. In case any problem occurs, there are undo buttons so don’t worry.

Windows occasionally turn on the settings back so keep the software and run it a few times later.

Improve CSGO ping